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St. Peter Ad Vincula

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1089  Domesday Book records a priest in Coggeshall.
1140c  Queen Matilda founds Savigny order at Little Coggeshall.  Abbey built. 1139 – 1148  England’s first Civil War.
1240c  St Nicholas Chapel built by Abbey Gatehouse. 1215  Magna Carta.
1324 – 26  Main part of church built on present site. 1337  Start of the Hundred Years War.

1398  Geoffrey Chaucer wrote Canterbury Tales.

1420c  Church enlarged and dedicated to St. Peter Ad Vincula (patronal day 1st August).  Henry III grants Lammas Fair rights to the town. 1415  Battle of Agincourt.

1455 – 85  The Wars of the Roses (the second English Civil War).

1461  Thomas Paycocke (butcher) buried in St. Peter’s.  Extensive gifts to the church.  Grave no longer marked. 1476  Caxton sets up first English printing press.

1485  Battle of Bosworth Field.


1518  Thomas Paycocke buried at St. Peter’s (right front marble).


1517  Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses confronting the Church of Rome to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg on 31st October 1517.

1519   Robert Paycocke buried in St. Peter’s (left front marble). 1520  The Field of the Cloth of Gold.
1538  The Abbey was dissolved and land sold off.  St. Nicholas Chapel becomes a barn, later a cowshed. 1549  Cranmer produces the Book of Common Prayer.
1570 – 1650  Church expanded and restored.  Heyday of the local wool trade. 1588  Armada defeated.

1599 – 1602 Shakespeare’s Hamlet written.

1605  The Gunpowder plot.

1620  The Pilgrim Fathers sail to America.

1580  Thomas Paycocke III buried in St. Peter’s.  A substantial amount of money given to the church. 1642 – 1649  The third Civil War. The reigning king, Charles I, was put on trial and executed.

1660  The restoration of the Monarchy.

1665  The Guyon Charity starts distribution of bread and tokens. 1666  The Great Fire of London.

1667  John Milton publishes Paradise Lost.

1787  St. Peter’s bells rung to celebrate King George III’s birthday. 1787  The first performance of Mozart’s Don Giovanni.
1841  Revd. W.J. Dampier installed as Rector and determines to restore the seriously neglected church. 1830  Liverpool to Manchester railway line opened.

1835  Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist is published.

1841  Thomas Cook organises his first excursion, a rail journey from Leicester to Loughborough.

1851  Revd. Dampier and Curate, E.L. Cutts, set up restoration fund. 1851  The Great Exhibition in Hyde Park.
1852  Restoration of St. Peter’s started. 1852  Duke of Wellington dies.
1855  The newly carved doors installed. 1854 – 1856  The Crimean War.

1859  On The Origin Of Species by Charles Darwin published.

1863  Church re-seated.  ISPEBRCC* gives £150 to seat 1110 people (including 565 poor). 1861  Death of Prince Albert.

1861 – 1865  The American Civil War.

1865   East window presented by and for the Hanbury family. 1865   Abraham Lincoln assassinated.
1871   New pulpit, altar rail and choir stalls commissioned and delivered. 1871  F.A. Cup first played.  Stanley meets Livingstone at Ujiji, Tanzania.
1876  Revd. Dampier retires. 1876  The telephone patented (Bell).  The phonograph invented (Edison)
1880  New reredos given to church in memory of Revd. Dampier’s death. 1880  First Test Match played between England and Australia.
1885c  12 Apostles and 4 angels given to Church. 1885  First performance of The Mikado by Gilbert & Sullivan.

1885 – 1886  Daimler/Benz patent the world’s first petrol-powered automobile.

1933  Underground Sacristy discovered.  Honywood/Waters memorial and Honywood/Philips hatchment installed. 1933  Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany.  F.D. Roosevelt becomes President of the USA.
1940  Sept. 16th church bombed.  NW corner and aisle destroyed, tower damaged.  Most of stained glass demolished. 1940   Evacuation of Dunkirk and Battle of Britain.
1954 – 1956  Church rebuilt and restored under aegis of Revd. Norman Brown. 1954  Roger Bannister runs first sub-four-minute mile.

1955  Diary of Anne Frank is published.

1956  Church re-hallowed at Michaelmas. 1956  Rock ‘n Roll sweeps country.

Look Back In Anger by  John Osborne is first produced.

1981  Clock installed in memory of Fredrick Norman Brown. 1981  Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer.
2000  Two bells added to the peal making it the heaviest in the country. 2000  The Millennium Dome is officially opened by the Queen.    The Queen Mother celebrates her 100th birthday.  Rower Steve Redgrave wins his fifth consecutive gold medal at the Olympics.
2002  New extension with meeting rooms, kitchen and other facilities opened by Ven. Martin Wallace, Archdeacon of Colchester. 2002  Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.
Rowan Williams elected Archbishop of Canterbury.
2006  Coggeshall Prentice Youth Work Trust established to serve the children and young people in Coggeshall and the surrounding area. 2006  Facebook opened to the public.
Western Union discontinues its telegram service.
2009  Carving and installation of new organ casing by Andrew Beckwith, a Coggeshall woodcarver. Andrew gave the carved panels, which he crafted, as a farewell present to St. Peter’s when he retired to the north of England. 2009  Barack Obama inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America.
2015  Completion of organ rebuild. 2015  Queen Elizabeth II becomes Great Britain’s longest reigning monarch having served for 63 years.
2016  A new sound and vision system was installed. The storm drains were replaced to stop the erosion of the foundations and the movement of the North East corner of the building. 2016  The country took the momentous step after 40 years to leave the European Union.

Tim Peake successfully completed his International Space Station mission and returned home safely after six months in space.

2017  The North and South aisles and the Nave were redecorated, and a new lighting system to highlight the apostles in the Nave roof area was completed. 2017 500th anniversary of the year Martin Luther made his 95 Theses known to the world.



Sir Mo Farah, CBE, wins his third consecutive gold in the World Athletics Championships 10,000m track race held at the London Stadium.


*  The Incorporated Society for Promoting the Enlargement, Building & Repair of Churches and Chapels.

Written & researched by Donald Tosh 2000. / Barry Gibson 2002 – 2017.