Coggeshall Youth Project

“I did it, loved it, kept coming”

“The summer workshops are fantastic “

“My child enjoys this club as other clubs are very structured no time for talking or playing. This club give them the opportunity to see that there is more to life and to try new things“

The Coggeshall Youth Project is an organisation which roots its activities in the values of the Christian Faith, which seeks to provide young people with a grounding for the challenges ahead of them, enabling them to become positive and involved members of the community in which they live.

Coggeshall Youth Project (CYP) is registered charity that has provided youth work in Coggeshall since 2006. Coggeshall Youth Project is overseen by a management team and the board of Trustees. These members are all Coggeshall residents and includes clergy members from each church in the town.

The charity is supported financially by the local churches along with other grants and donations. CYP provides youth work for young people of all faiths and none. CYP facilitates youth work and youth events throughout the year for young people from 6 to 18 years old. Some of these include, youth clubs, Christmas events, and holiday clubs.