Hello and welcome to our website! We hope that you will enjoy reading and exploring it.  If you have any questions about our parish church, please get in touch. The church is open most days to enable you to look around or to light a candle in St Catherine’s Chapel and sit in silence and prayer.

Children and Youth

At St Peter’s we are called to love God and to share His love.
To serve our community and the world around us and to
help all to know the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Coggeshall Parish Prayer

God of Wonder, Lord of Love,

We thank you for the life of our Church and for centuries of faithful prayer and service.  As we embrace the challenges of today, inspire and excite us to meet the opportunities of tomorrow, that, in the power of the Spirit, and in the footsteps of Jesus, we may build your dream for Coggeshall as we reach out into the future.


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